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Simple Minds Podcast

Nov 28, 2019

Matt felt himself getting pretty judgemental of some other people recently and wanted to reach out to the guys to see if he was being unreasonable. This is especially perplexing considering the lads all went on a trip to tackle their own worldly perceptions.

Nov 21, 2019

Tough conversations are sometimes inescapable, but that doesn’t mean they have to be something to dread, especially if you know they’re coming. In this episode, Justin asks the guys about the tough conversations they’ve had to endure and whether they were as scary or difficult and they had anticipated.

Nov 14, 2019

How we talk about love is kind of a tricky thing. It requires a bit of vulnerability and honesty that most men aren’t really keen to actually do. Thankfully, Trav has found a source of enlightenment in his approach to love and tries to encourage the rest of the lads, and listeners at home, to learn some lave languages...

Nov 7, 2019

The lads are on the East Coast and halfway through a special course led by William Whitecloud through his Natural Success Academy and, for the most part, things sound like they’re going pretty well... Naturally, they want to make a podcast about it and pick at Williams brain as much as they can before heading back to...