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Simple Minds Podcast

Jul 30, 2019

With Michael having recently left the show, we thought it would be great to do a throwback episode and showcase one of the more iconic topics that Michael brought in for the lads. 

Things get trippy as Mike asks the guys to consider whether they're living inside of a simulation and whether artificial intelligence will...

Jul 26, 2019

It's safe to say that Dads in the media get a bad rap, from Homer Simpson strangling Bart to the man-child that is Phil Dunphy in Modern Family. 

The lads dive into these portrayals and discuss whether these have affected their relationships with their kids and how they perceive themselves as Dads. 

Jul 19, 2019

The lads are back and ready to launch a very special edition of the Simple Minds Podcast!

Conrad wants to get to the bottom of what he thinks is the greatest conspiracy in human history: The Moon Landings. Seems like good timing considering the 50th Anniversary of the event is happening this week as well!