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Simple Minds Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

It’s the Simple Minds Podcast live! This time around, the lads record a new episode in front of an audience for the first time while covering a range of topics in the process in a throwback to the older content form adopted when the show first began in 2017!

Jan 23, 2020

As it turns out, the guys have been using words as a way to help them with their decision making and goals for every year. They usually keep it to themselves but Travis decided to be a nosey parker and make everyone reveal and reflect on what their word for last year was and what their word for this year will be.

Jan 16, 2020

Matt keeps on getting distracted these days, it seems like every day he has a new thing that keeps him busy and away from the creative stuff he’d rather be doing. The rest of the lads (except Conrad of course) feel it too and are keen to have a look into how they can also break the curse of being too damn busy all of...