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Simple Minds Podcast

May 28, 2020

In this episode, which was recorded on Zoom a few weeks back, the SMP lads have an insightful chat with Greg Hire about all things mental health. Can we turn our vulnerability into strength?

May 21, 2020

In this episode, recorded soon after the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, we reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from the basketball legend. What was the mindset that helped him climb to the top and how can we apply it in our own lives?

May 14, 2020

In this iso episode, recorded a few weeks back on Zoom, the lads chat about how important mindset is in challenging times and share their own tips to keep things balanced in these uncertain times.

May 7, 2020

In this episode, recorded before the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, the SMP crew has some fun with a short quiz that reveals what kind of entrepreneurs they are. Which also raises the question: what exactly makes a good entrepreneur?